Education, Health, Environmental Changes, Justice, Unemployment


Empowerment of Youth by imparting Quality Education, Providing Sound Health, Making Justice Cautious, Developing profound Character, Proving Independent, Prosper, Healthy and Strong Pakistan. To enhance the strong relationship between Youth of Pakistan and build Self-Confidence with trust own self to show the unity of Youth.


To wake up the Youth so that they can play practically an important role towards their motherland to develop the awareness about the self respect of a common man. Bring Revolutionary reforms in Education, Equality at every stage and quick availability of Justice, Change for Youth truly by Youth for the betterment of Pakistan.

Being part of YGHS, our focus will be to stay dedicated in following four fields so that we can be beneficial for masses specially youngster:-

Education, Health, Environmental Changes, Justice, Unemployment

Graduation mortar on top of booksEducation

(*) Providing need based scholarships to intelligent childrens.

(*) Conducting “Information Technology Awareness Programs” in different educational Institutes especially in remote areas.

(*) Creating job opportunities through I.T for the educated and talented youngsters.

(*) Building free student libraries in different cities.


(*) Forming YGHS dispensaries in backward rural areas

(*) Free medical checkup in backward rural or urban areas twice a year.

(*) Helping the poor patient to have free treatment and access to good doctors and hospitals.

(*) Conducting awareness program related to epidemic diseases in different educational institutes especially in rural areas.

Environmental Changesimages (1)

(*) At least a public project representing better environment per year.

(*) Creating awareness in mass regarding pollution.

(*) Modernizing water sanitation system in rural areas.

(*) Conducting  awareness program regarding pollution and cleaning environment  in different educational Institutes especially in remote areas.


(*) Creating awareness regarding justice in different Educational Institutes.

(*) Helping poor and innocent people in accessing lawyers and court.

(*) Promoting public friendly laws of country and trying to get modified public opponent laws.


(*) Access of the talented and educated unemployed persons to different companies and governments organizations to remove the problem of unemployment

(*) To convince different multinational companies to hire at least five talented and educated YGHS members each year.

(*) Conducting IT Training workshops to guide people about legitimate source of income on Internet.